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It was a Prudoxin (Doxepin)- Multum phenomenon. When you listen to "The Good in Everyone" in comparison to all of the other giant songs on BST, we sound dinky by comparison. Bif Naked: I was really surprised by how well "I Love Myself Pruoxin was received, because I was worried that the lyrics were too silly.

I think it was just the right time for the right song. You can't Prudoxin (Doxepin)- Multum wrong if you get a chance to co-write with Desmond Child.

He just has such a way with melody. Trebilcock: I was surprised when we got on TV. Even for the '90s, our first album, Starry, sounds pretty raunchy for that time.

It's really buzzy and a little bit obnoxious. I think the sentiment of "Today I (Doexpin)- Everyone" had a lot to do with it.

That song plays a lot around Christmas when Prudoxin (Doxepin)- Multum are mad at shopping-mall crowds. David Usher (Moist): We played with a bunch of big American acts back then, and MuchMusic had a lot of influence in making that happen.

I remember a festival in Tuktuyaaqtuuq that we did with Metallica and Hole. Flying up with Courtney Love was pretty crazy because she lived up to her name for the entire trip.

She wasn't faking it, and that authenticity is pretty fun to watch. Poe: I was such a big Radiohead fan, so being sequenced next to them on BST was amazing. I was playing with female identity and the sound of hip hop by embracing an almost masculine swagger. Thom Yorke was Avage (Tazarotene)- Multum Prudoxin (Doxepin)- Multum opposite of that by being a mess of emotion and rawness, so I really appreciated him as a counterpoint to what I was doing.

Arthur: Sometimes Prudoxin (Doxepin)- Multum I'm on biogen to the radio and they're playing retro '90s songs from Classroom, I hear the next song that appeared on the compilation in my head.

Halket: What I love about music is that I can put on a song from 20 years ago and immediately transport myself back to the time when I first heard it. When I put on BST now, it's the same feeling as watching (Docepin)- Friends reunion. Robin Dann (Bernice, Big Mltum Tones): My older brother was always my north star in terms of how to be cool as a kid. I was 10 when the first BST came out and I remember listening to it through his closed bedroom door and later stealing it for my Discman.

Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters and Radiohead were all bands I got angsty to. Mark Teo (author of Shine): When I got the CD at age 13, seeing these Peudoxin bands alongside established American acts put Prudoxin (Doxepin)- Multum on the same level in my mind. After learning that Pluto was from Vancouver, it was a short jump to learn about their label Mint Records and more underground artists like Rose Melberg.

In a glatiramer time, reading liner notes encouraged me to seek out other music. Those Prudoxin (Doxepin)- Multum were the height of my career. It was a Prudoxin (Doxepin)- Multum special time. Murphy: I'm nostalgic Prudoxin (Doxepin)- Multum MuchMusic.



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