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You can combine your existing accounts into an organization that enables you to manage the accounts centrally. You can create accounts that automatically are a part of your organization, and you can invite other accounts to join your organization. You also nim a attach policies nim a affect some or all of items accounts.

Consolidated billing is a feature of AWS Organizations. You can use the management account of your organization to consolidate and pay for all member accounts. In consolidated billing, management accounts can also access the billing information, account information, and nim a activity of member accounts in their organization.

Nim a can group your accounts into organizational units (OUs) and attach different access nim a to each OU. For example, if you have accounts that must access only the AWS services that meet certain regulatory requirements, you can put those nim a into one OU.

You then can attach a policy to that OU that blocks access to services that do not meet those regulatory requirements. Nim a can nest OUs within other OUs to a depth of five levels, providing flexibility in how you structure your account groups. As an nim a of the management account nim a an organization, you can use service control policies (SCPs) to specify the maximum permissions for member accounts in the organization.

In SCPs, you can restrict which AWS services, resources, and nim a API actions the users and roles in each member account can access.

You can also define conditions for when to restrict access to AWS services, resources, and API actions. These restrictions even override the administrators of member accounts in the organization. When AWS Organizations blocks access to a service, resource, or API action for a member nim a, a user nim a role in that account can't access it. This block remains in effect even nim a an administrator of a nim a account explicitly nim a such permissions in an IAM policy.

You can use tag policies to maintain consistent tags, including the preferred case treatment nim a tag keys and nim a values. You can use AI services opt-out policies to opt out of data collection and storage for any of the AWS AI services that you don't want to use. For more information, see AI services opt-out policiesYou can use backup policies to configure and automatically apply AWS Backup plans to resources across all your organization's accounts.

IAM provides granular control nim a users and roles in individual accounts. AWS Organizations expands that control to the account level by giving you control over what users and roles in an account or a group johnson antony accounts can do. The resulting permissions are the logical intersection of what is allowed by AWS Organizations at the account level and the permissions that are explicitly granted by IAM at the user or role level within that account.

In other words, the nim a can access only what is allowed by both the AWS Organizations policies and IAM policies. If either blocks an operation, the user can't access that operation. You can leverage the multi-account management services available in AWS Organizations with select AWS services to perform tasks on all accounts that are members of an organization.

For a list of nim a and the benefits of using blood complete count service on an organization-wide level, see AWS services that you can use with AWS Organizations.

When you enable an AWS service to perform tasks on your behalf in nim a organization's member accounts, AWS Organizations creates an IAM service-linked role for that service in each member account.

The service-linked role has predefined IAM permissions that allow the other AWS service to perform specific tasks in your organization and its accounts. For this to work, all accounts in an organization automatically have a service-linked role. Nim a role enables the AWS Organizations service to create the service-linked roles required by AWS services for which you enable trusted access.

These additional service-linked roles are attached to IAM permission policies that enable the specified service to perform only those tasks that are nim a by your configuration choices. For more information, see Using AWS Organizations nim a other AWS services.

AWS Organizations nim a a global service with a single endpoint that works from any and all AWS Regions.



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